Why Are Attorneys Now Asking For Our List of DC’s Certified in DynaROM Testing and Evaluation?


Come to a One Day Seminar November 22nd, 2014 in Seattle and Learn about this New Paradigm in Personal Injury & Worker’s Compensation. Experienced attorneys are calling it “The Lie Detector For Back Pain”!
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How often do you see patients with normal ROM, yet you know they are in pain or have muscle guarding?  This is where DynaROM sEMG truly shines, and is why Doctors using DynaROM report incomes which have doubled or more? Why?
Everyone from patients to jurors are looking for objective data. When you can prove your case, and support your patient, everyone wins. Attorneys love seeing if they have a good case up front.  Patients feel a tremendous reduction in stress having their elusive, intangible pain validated.  In addition, there is a CPT code for billing the test. Come learn how MyoVision Technology can change the way you practice for good.