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E-Scan / ScanVision:

Utilizing technology nearly identical to the commonly used EKG/ECG, the MyoVision ScanVision device allows you to do a “Quick Measure” of muscle tension about the spine, showing muscular compensation patterns for various spinal disorders.

The bars extend outward from the spine, showing muscle tension levels on both left and right sides of the spine. The length of the bars are proportional to the amount of muscle tension.  The readings are presented numerically as “microvolts” or millionths of a volt.

EP Stress Score to add to Software Graphic
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DynaROM achieves indisputable proof of soft tissue injury using a functional test which simultaneously measures both Range of Motion and muscle guarding. With over 7,500 published research papers on Dynamic sEMG, a CPT code for billing and a major Supreme Court victory establishing it’s validity - now is the time to integrate it into your practice.

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Why Use MyoVision?

Designed by a real NASA-Trained Expert, MyoVision is patented as a device which simultaneously measures how far you can bend, and if there is a muscular “pain” response (known as muscle guarding) for the purpose of ensuring that those with soft tissue injury and pain from auto accidents receive the care they deserve.

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