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MyoVision is based in the beautiful, sunny Pacific Northwest. With multiple worldwide patents, MyoVision is a thriving business which not only provides equipment and software to the healthcare fields, but also for use in ergonomic evaluations, neuromuscular rehabilitation, and the performing arts.

Founded in 1989 for the purpose of providing health care professionals with a high quality, low-cost device for electrophysiological measurements, the company has provided health care professionals and researchers alike with Surface Electromyography (sEMG) equipment for the past. The M8000 series was introduced in 1989, and in 2008 we proudly released our Wirefree Series of Physiomonitoring Equipment. We are committed to excellence from product design and development to technical and clinical support. MyoVision is made in America; always has been, always will. To all of you, from all of us – Happy Scanning!

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David Marcarian

Developed his expertise in electrophysiology at NASA-Ames Research Center where he published an MARCARIAN NASA BADGEergonomics evaluation of hand controllers used to fly the F-16.  “Everyone got out of the simulator complaining of arm muscle fatigue, so I sought out a technological solution to evaluate the severity of the problem.”

He visited all the local universities including Stanford and UC Berkeley and determined that although crude and in it’s infancy at the time, Surface EMG was needed to evaluate fatigue.

The results were clear which along with other research lead to the development of a newer form of hand controller.



david corvette motion 640 440 v2Armed with an undergraduate in Physic’s and Master’s in Psychophysiology, against all odds, he pursued a grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). He was only 25 years old at the time, asking the NIH to fund his idea to create an affordable device for measuring various physiologic signals including muscle activity, skin temperature, etc. Against all odds, the NIH funded this $500,000 project and MyoVision was born.

A chiropractor called him and said: “David, I’ve read about you and your invention, and think this could be very valuable for Chiropractic”.  He said: “hmmm…really?”.  Being a “real” scientist means evaluating everything and observing the data..with the data driving your knowledge.  He was a strong believer in the importance that scientists not “knock” any phenomena just because it cannot be explained. He has been quoted as saying: “Just because you can’t measure it doesn’t mean it does not exist”.

Off he went to meet this DC and to his shock and amazement, the muscles tension patterns about the
spine correlated highly with both the patient’s complaint and the doctors evaluation.  He was sold.  He also received his first adjustent by Dr. William McIlvaine.  Dr. McIlvaine , a World War Idm z06 150 mph speedo  brightenedI Veteran and fantastic Chiropractor quickly became David’s mentor.

After that, he went on to teach courses on Surface EMG for all the State Associations in State’s where training was required. This included Michigan, Ohio, Louisiana, Texas, Washington and others.

In 2004, David was diagnosed with Cancer given 4 years to live.  He awoke the next day after his diagnosis, and remembered his Driver Education Teacher in High School pushing him to race cars, as the teacher himself was a race car driver and felt David’s talent was very real in the car. “Why not race” he said, and hit the track.  Read an article on David’s Race Experience: Fueled by Adrenaline Racing Marcarian.

In 2004, he took on all the insurers in the United States in a Landmark case in Florida.  A Chiropractor reached out to all the experts in the Chiropractic Profession, and the only one to show up in this very difficult case was Marcarian.  It was himself and a Chiropractor from Florida against 75 Attorneys including the attorneys for the State of Florida, and those representing over 300 insurers in the United States.  The case went before an Administrative Law Judge, with Marcarian as the only Expert Witness to testify on behalf of the Chiropractic application of MyoVision technology.  The big shocker?  The Chiropractors in this case testified on behalf of the Insurance Companies.  The case went to Superior Court where MyoVision’s founder won unanimously.  It has been rumored that the Supreme Court rejection of the appeal was based upon the thorough job done by the ALJ.

This case lead to the tool being recognized now in all states for PI reiumbursement and now with a CPT code doctors are reimbursed for the exam.

Watch David take on Professional Driver in $275k car.  Do not try this at home!